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Large Vinyl Cold Pack  10" X 13"   (acc566)
Large Vinyl Cold Pack 10" X 13" (acc566)

Vinyl Cold Pack 10"x13" (ACC-566)

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Part Number: Core Products 566

Vinyl Cold Pack Wipes Clean For Clinical Use

Offering more intense cold therapy than our Soft Comfort or Dual Comfort CorPaks, the Vinyl CorPak offers up to 30 minutes of cold therapy to help relieve strains, sprains, headaches and other soft tissue injuries. Four distinct sizes to accommodate any area. Store in freezer for convenience. Filled with nontoxic, biodegradable fill, packs remain soft and flexible even when cold. Vinyl surface can simply be wiped clean as needed, making it ideal for clinical use.

TESTIMONIAL: “My wife uses your hot and cold packs for her fibromyalgia and occasional headaches. She appreciates the soft comfortable filling. It won’t freezer burn like some of those other products and is easy to keep clean. We have been known to fight over it! She wins.” –Danny Zack, FL

Item Description

ACC565 Medium Vinyl Cold Pack 6” x 10” (15cm x 25cm)

ACC566 Large Vinyl Cold Pack 10” x 13” (25cm x 33cm)

ACC567 Cervical Vinyl Cold Pack 6” x 20” (15cm x 51cm)

ACC568 Tri-Sectional Vinyl Cold Pack 11” x 15” (28cm x 38cm)

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