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Apex Cervical Orthosis Premium (TRC-4993)

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Correct your posture/forward head position naturally
Part Number: TRC-4993

So many daily activities affect our posture, placing the head and neck in a detrimental forward head position. This can be attributed to looking down at handheld devices, sleeping with the head elevated excessively, poor posture, or an acute injury such as whiplash. Using the Apex Premium, under the direction of a health care professional, counteracts forward head posture to help relieve headaches and neck pain associated with whiplash injury, tech neck, and other neck injuries.

The contoured shape with wedge extension provides firm support to place the neck in a proper position to help reestablish a diminished cervical curve as a result of forward head posture. The unique wedge extension provides support to the upper thoracic spine for comfort and also allows the shoulders to drop, stretching the chest and neck muscles. Opening the chest in this manner promotes breathing and facilitates relaxation.

The Apex Cervical Orthosis Premium is an effective tool to assist the health care professional in restoring a patient’s proper cervical lordosis; use daily under the supervision of a health care professional.

Product Specifications:
10" x to 7.375” " x 4.625"

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